INTERKLAST developed and implemented AAA Solution for Mobile Backhaul (MBH) in VF Ukraine PrJSC based on Radiator AAA product/strong>

In the course of the project, INTERKLAST conducted research and POC tests that confirmed the feasibility of the “Radiator AAA Server” software product to deliver expected performance.

As a result of the project, more than 1,200 Cisco mobile backhaul network elements were connected to the AAA subsystem. The implementation of the solution has improved the security of administration and operation of Vodafone Ukraine Mobile Backhaul network. In addition to managing access rights, the logging of user actions was also implemented, and the log visualization system was installed and configured.

Use “Radiator AAA Server” allowed VF Ukraine PrJSC to unify access rights management and get a solution with minimal costs.

Technical director PrJSC «VF Ukraine” Yevgeniy Frunza expressed an official gratitude to the staff of INTERKLAST for the high level of professionalism, in-depth expertise and out-of-the-box approach during project implementation.

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